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Tailored Laundry Solutions for Every Need



Customized Laundry Solutions

We recognize that each laundry operation has its own distinct characteristics and requirements. That's why, at IGIS, we are dedicated to addressing the individual needs of each client – ranging from hospitality and healthcare facilities to self-service vended laundries, as well as those at nursing homes, athletic facilities, apartment complexes, and fitness centers. In every project we undertake, we not only bring our extensive expertise to the table but also work in close collaboration with our clients.

Professional nurse in uniform, symbolizing healthcare industry laundry needs.

Hospitals, nursing home, clinics and care facilities require highly productive laundry equipment that delivers hygienic results in less time, using less water, natural gas and electricity.


Man loading laundry into a machine, demonstrating user-friendly features of modern laundry equipment.

Self-service laundries require energy-efficient solutions and equipment that attract users. Less consumption of water, chemicals, energy and natural gas allows customers to be green-conscious towards our planet and the environment, while at the same time our high-quality machines and our unique washing technology ensures that the laundry processing cycle is fast and high-efficient. Every customer has the opportunity to use various options and programs for washing and drying laundry - CLEAN LINEN IS OUR GUARANTEE!


Multiple commercial washing machines lined up, showcasing advanced laundry technology.
Woman preparing to load clothes into a washing machine, emphasizing efficiency in laundry handling.

Commercial laundries often serve the hospitality, vacation rental, healthcare, and food and beverage industries – making the quality of the end product ist critical. At IGIS, we will help your commercial laundry achieve maximum througput while improving efficiency, streamlining workflow, reducing labor time and improving quality.


The need to process a large amount of laundry ( over 5 tons. per shift),  places a request for the installation of a large industrial machinery. Instead of using large number of commercial washing machines and dryers, better and energy efficient solution is the use of tunnel washing machines, industrial presses, robots, big scale dryers, ironing lines with automatic loading and stacking machines. The consumption of energy resources such as water and gas in these types of installations is huge, which is exactly why our machines and washing technology are designed exclusively to save energy and reduce the cost of washing per kg. By choosing GIRBAU industrial machines, you save money, contribute to the preservation of our planet and the environment, and give the customer a cheaper service with unrivaled quality of laundry processing.


Multiple commercial washing machines lined up, showcasing advanced laundry technology.
Woman preparing to load clothes into a washing machine, emphasizing efficiency in laundry handling.
Neatly hung shirts, representing the fresh and clean results of using professional laundry services.


IGIS textile care solutions are engineered to quickly and effectively process even the most delicate garments and fabrics using water, rather than dry cleaning. Ironing systems perfectly process damp table and bed linens at very high speeds, yet take up just 200 square meters of-space. Many textile care providers have added ironed bed and table linens to their arsenal of services with huge gains in revenue. Known for high-quality results, our ironing systems quickly iron bed and table linen straight from the washing machine without dryer preconditioning.

Well-made hotel bed, highlighting the importance of clean linens in hospitality.

Resorts, casinos, hotels and campgrounds all require highly productive laundry solutions customized to each property’s production, labor and quality goals. IGIS laundry solutions ensure hospitality laundry is properly and efficiently cleaned and processed.


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