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Spare Parts and Equipment for Laundries

Spare Parts and Equipment for Laundries

We at IGIS are particularly proud of our service department, we nurture the post-sell relationship with customers at the highest level. With regular education and many years of experience, we are an indispensable partner to all our existing and future customers. Our long-term partnerships with parts manufacturers around the world are a guarantee that we will get to any problem in the fastest and highest quality way possible.

Many of our customers, especially those who are just discovering the indisputable quality of the GIRBAU brand, also have older machines from other manufacturers in their laundries. Having a problem or simply need spare parts? - contact us with confidence because we are your partner.

You can also buy other standard usable parts from us (wax, felts, guide strips and strips for feeders, stackers, etc.) You have a need, contact us and discover how simple it is.

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