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Leading the Way in Advanced Laundry Solutions




We’re Here to Transform the Future of Laundry Solutions

IGIS is dedicated to revolutionizing the laundry industry through our partnership with Girbau. We envision a future where laundry solutions blend state-of-the-art technology with sustainability and efficiency.


Our ambition is to lead and redefine global laundry practices, making eco-friendly solutions universally accessible. Committed to innovation and environmental responsibility, we strive to create a lasting impact for our clients, communities, and the planet.

Igis Laundry Solutions


Advanced Laundry Solutions, Unwavering Quality

Welcome to the forefront of laundry excellence. At IGIS, we are dedicated to providing top-tier laundry solutions, powered by our exclusive partnership with Girbau. Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring that every aspect of your laundry experience is efficient, innovative, and of the highest quality.


A multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the sector accompanies you to evaluate, design and implement solutions to improve your laundry: energy efficiency, water consumption, investment and operating cost studies, work flows, etc.

Igis Laundry Solutions
Igis Laundry Solutions

Don't know where to start? Start your business vision with IGIS. We offer you complete "know how", sale of state-of-the-art machines with the highest quality, adapted exclusively to you and your needs, development of projects and consulting. Whether you are a beginner and entering the business with your first laundry or you are an experienced entrepreneur who wants to expand and modernize your business - contact us with confidence.


We design a financing plan tailored to your needs. From the beginning of the project, we work on the financing variables to make it a reality.

Rješenja za pranje rublja - Igis
Igis Laundry Solutions
Rješenja za pranje rublja - Igis
Igis Laundry Solutions

When the laundry starts, nothing ends. It all begins! And there we are: with remote monitoring, online spare parts and express delivery worldwide, real-time monitoring of your business, preventive maintenance, and more. Always by your side. Our service is our strength, always with you as your partner, you can be sure that our machines will serve you flawlessly for many years. Post sales support is what sets IGIS apart from all the others.



Because of the end result – CLEAN LINEN!

IGIS, the power of technology

IGIS is at the forefront of laundry innovation, supported by our exclusive partnership with Girbau. We offer customized, eco-friendly laundry solutions designed for maximum efficiency and reliability.


Our strength and commitment go beyond sales, providing unmatched after-sales support and expertise. We know what machine failure means to you, that's why you should choose IGIS - where knowledge, many years of experience and quality meet. Redefine the term "Laundry"

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Collaborating for Excellence


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